Making a difference with Annique Rooibos Products

I initially join Annique Health and Beauty to balance my life. I work long hours in the office doing admin in front of my Labtop and wanted to do something that will add value to the people around me and I want to earn extra income.

I decided to Join Annique Health and Beauty because all the products contain Rooibos. Rooibos has healing and anti-aging properties and is unique to South Africa as it is only grown in the Western Cape in Clan William Area.

I started by using the entire range myself as I get discount when I order and have seen the results in my own life.

I apply the one meter rule and is always ready to talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime about the products range or the business opportunity.

People around you have either a skin or health condition and then you can supply a product or a financial need then you can introduce the business opportunity and start your own Network earning income on them.

For me the most rewarding is when I supply a product and the customer come back with a testimonial on how well the product work and when I recruit someone in my business and see how that person self develop and grow into a leader.

Start your own business making a difference with Rooibos and add value to the people around you while earning Income.

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