Annique Consultants – How to register a new recruit

( Sponsor will complete this on her own profile)

1. LOGIN ON THE ANNIQUESTORE with your member nr and password

2. Go to “My Profile”

3. Click on “My Referrals / New Registrants”

4. Click on + (RED PLUS SIGN)

5. Enter all details as requested.

6. LAST LINE: If the address of the Consultant is not recognised by Google Maps, you can just type in the main town and suburb of the home address.

7. Click on “Save registrant” and on the dropdown menu, select “Activate”
Wait a few seconds…
The Screen will go back to REFERRALS

8. Select “Edit Referral” ( blue pen on right)

9. It will go back to newly added information of the new consultant/ detail screen

10. Select “ Save Registrant” and “Activate” for a second time

11. The name will then disappear and be moved to your Reports

12. Click on REPORTS

13. Click INACTIVE RECRUITS and his/her name and member nr will appear there . Her password is membernr plus Anq! Example 612345Anq!

The new consultant will now receive an SMS as well as a Welcome Letter from Annique Home Office.
The new consultant can now log in on his/her own profile and complete the the profile.

You can help her profile or do it self
Log into her name
Request otp code
And complete her details
Then she is ready to order

Ask the recruit to join our facebook group

2️⃣ STEP 2:
Complete your profile (New Consultant will do this part or the Sponsor can help her I normally do this for the new recruit then she can order when she is ready)

Before you can do your first order, you have to complete your profile.

You need the following to complete Profile:
1. ID number
2. Marital status
3. Language
4. Race
5. Bank Details
6. Address

1. Go to


2. You will receive a prompt to update your password, but it is not necessary at this stage and can be done once you are logged in.
Just click OK and SIGN IN again.

3. The Independent Consultant AGREEMENT will appear on first signing in. You can click on Accept to continue.

4. You can go to MY PROFILE and complete your personal information on the sub heading: PROFILE

5. The OTP screen* will appear.
Choose whether you would like to receive your OTP via SMS or via email.
Check your SMS or email and use the OTP that was sent. Click Submit.

6. You can now complete your personal information.

• Make sure that all the boxes of personal information are completed.

• Bank details – The bank details are not compulsory and can be completed at a later stage. Make sure that it is the bank account where you would like to receive your Annique additional discount.

• 2 x Addresses on separate pages, should be completed.
It could be the same shipping and billing address, but both must be completed.
All the lines of the addresses should be filled, even if you duplicate a suburb or town name.

7. When all is done and completed, click on SAVE PROFILE on bottom of page.
NB – If you do not complete everything, you will not be able to proceed to check out and make a payment for your order.

Now you can proceed to Shop.

👋🏼 REMEMBER the STARTER PACKS will only be available on your first order.
If you place and order now and not choose the STARTER PACKS, you will not be able to order it at a later stage.

Invite her to our Whatsapp group for Active Consultants

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