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Do you want less admin to worry about?

Do you know about our automated processes below?
The great news is that your consultant can reactivate him/herself and the deactivation process is automatic.
Home office will no longer be activating and deactivating consultants when logging a ticket with our CRM Department. There is a much more convenient way for you and for your consultant. 
Let’s recap on the different definitions:


How Do I Remain Active in the Annique Business?

Have any amount of Personal Sales over a 6-month rolling period.


Deactivation for a consultant who has placed an order previously:

To remain an Annique Consultant, there is an activity requirement. If you have R0 Personal Sales from the last invoice date over a 6-month period you will be deactivated. If that happens, you will lose your team and they will move up to the next sponsor.



You may rejoin Annique at any time in the future. If you re-join Annique within one year from your last invoice date, you will retain your membership number and your original Sponsor, without your previous downline. If you ordered more than a year ago then complete the registration form for re registration Click here


How can a consultant deactivate him/herself:

The deactivation process for a consultant is automatic and the consultant will automatically be deactivated after 6 months with R0 sales.


How can a consultant reactivate him/herself:

Should a consultant want to be reactivated within one year of last purchase, the following steps can be followed:


1. The Consultant can go to

a) If the Consultant still remembers his/her login details, the same login details can be used.

b) If the Consultant does not remember his/her login details, the Consultant can go to the “Lost Password” option.

c) If the Sponsor does not remember the Consultants’ membership number, the sponsor can log a ticket at CRM


Lost Password option:

Complete the membership number and email address field and click on ‘Reset Password:

Once the password has been reset, the login page will appear again.
The temporary password will be sent via SMS and email to the last contact number and email address we had on our system when the Consultant was still active.
Type in the password received via SMS and email and click on ‘Sign In:

2. Once the Consultant is logged in, he/she will be automatically made active again and the below message will appear on the consultant’s screen:

The Consultant will also receive the following communication via e-mail:

The Sponsor will receive the following communication via e-mail:

3. Your consultant is now active again! The Consultant follows the steps as set out in the email received to update their profile if not done so previously or to ensure their profile is up to date.
Once the Consultant’s profile is updated the Consultant is ready to shop again!
Note: If the consultant does not place an order within the same month of being reactivated, the consultant will be deactivated again at the end of that specific month.
So motivated those consultants to get their orders in and avoid being deactivated


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