Manage Baby Skin Conditions with Rooibos

It might not be the most obvious thing ever, but did you know that Rooibos can help you manage your baby’s common skin conditions?

Rooibos’ miraculous properties – to cure and soothe – are backed not only by scientific research and international recognition, but also by forty years of mothers’ hands-on experience. What mom consumes has a major effect on baby after birth, meaning that if she drinks the recommended six cups of Rooibos a day, the positive effect could be transferred to baby.

Rooibos should only be given to babies six months and older.


Acne is an inflammatory disease. Research and testimonials show that Rooibos can help improve this skin condition, and it is suggested that baby acne (which shows up in the first two to four weeks of baby’s life) is the result of mom’s hormones passed onto baby before birth. In a study that was published in the October 2009 Pediatrics International, researchers found that Rooibos may reduce the levels of inflammation in the body. Rooibos reduces inflammation, and giving baby Annique Rooibos Baby tea may improve the condition of his or her skin.


This infant skin condition can be described as thick crusts or patchy scaling on the scalp. It can be found on either oily or dry skin and can appear as flaky white or yellow scales. The cause of this condition is still being speculated, and the Mayo Clinic suggest, ‘One contributing factor may be hormones that pass from the mother to the baby before birth. These hormones can cause too much production of oil (sebum) in the oil glands and hair follicles.’ There could even be a mild redness associated with it. Rooibos is known for its anti-allergic properties, and its ability to soothe cradle cap.


An itchy scalp can be the result of infant eczema. Rooibos has an anti-allergic and soothing effect on the skin and can relieve skin irritations, like eczema, when applied directly to affected areas.

Other irritants in adults Rooibos can help with:

• Red and itchy eyes

• Genital infections

• Rashes caused by cleaning products

• Sunburn, when added to bathwater

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