The criteria for the Beauty Without Cruelty (BWC) endorsement, is that all products and raw materials need to be suitable for vegans and vegetarians, and no raw material or product may be animal-derived or may have been tested on animals within a five year period of application, which in our case is 2007.


The good news is; that all Annique’s skincare, body care, cosmetics and fragrance products comply with these requirements. However, our Forever Healthy range, which is largely encapsulated in softgel and hardgel gelatine, does not comply, as the gelatine is animal-derived and therefore does not meet BWC’s requirements. Bone Broth also contains beef.


Annique respects BWC’s principles and practices and is pleased that all Annique skincare, cosmetic, beauty and fragrance products meet their specification. As far as the Forever Healthy range is concerned, the softgel encapsulation is the optimal method of distributing the product and to ensure optimal digestion and absorption of the vitamins and minerals, and we say this without apology.

Annique Home Office (Facebook)

11 May 2021


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