Become an Annique Independent Consultant and make a difference with Rooibos Products

You can make a difference to everyone that come in one meter of you, with Annique Rooibos Products, just listen,  everybody has a skin or health problem then you can supply a product or a Financial need then you can recruit them into your team and become an Annique Team Leader earning a significant income


• Earn 20 – 40% discount on your personal sales

• Earn additional discount on personal and group sales

• Be recognised and rewarded for your efforts

• Qualify for free trips to exotic destinations and much more

• Receive invitations to exclusive, entertaining and exciting training events

• Have the opportunity to develop a successful career and a business with a value

• Get sneak previews of new product releases and research on Rooibos

• Gain motivation and support tools, as well as access tips and guidelines to build a successful business

• Live a life others only dream about

Take action and become an Annique Independent Consultant today

Annique’s vision is “we create life-changing opportunities”. You, as part of the Annique family, are also now able to change your own life and the lives of others through Annique’s wonderful products and by introducing others to the Annique business opportunity.

Annique Rooibos Health & Skincare Products are of exceptional quality. The products have been developed specifically for South African climatic conditions and product prices are really competitive. Annique also offers an excellent compensation plan with motivating rewards and recognition tot successful consultants. You are in business for yourself, but never by yourself, because Annique Home Office offers support with training, sales aids, products, etc.

Annique has been functioning on a network marketing system for some time. One of the most enjoyable benefits is that every Annique consultant can now build up her own business, receive a passive income and not only rely on sales for an income. This implies that when you recruit consultants to join Annique, their sales also count towards your group sales figure. On that you then receive additional discount when your group sales reaches a certain level (compare the profit plan/ additional discount table).

Network marketing was the largest growth industry for the past 70 years, and offers excellent opportunities. It is also recession proof – when people battle in a bad economy, they need additional income to keep up their living standard. Network marketing offers the solution, because you can practice in part time, in addition to a full time position. It offers unbelievable opportunities to those who want to jump in full time as well – your input determines your income.

Start your business by contacting everyone you know and offer them Annique’s products and business opportunity. Talk to anyone and everyone you meet about your business, to get referrals. Referrals are key to building and expanding your business.

Earn on personal sales and Team sales according to ABC Sucess Plan

Contact Anna-Marie or one of our team members near you

Cell +27 82 440 1790


Register today

Complete a registration form sign both pages and copy of id emailed to info@rooibosproducts and your first order R600+ before discount  including your choice of kit (see kit options below).

Book your first training session

Kits available

Getting started

Use the products. Be your own best customer and you will have an order monthly.

Set your goals and plan.Take part in the fast start program for new Consultants and earn gifts in your first 90 days.

Get your business tools in order and always carry business cards, Beaute and Diary with you

Read as much as possible about the products. To be successful you need to



Testimonial from my first Leader on facebook after recruiting three consultants in one week

A warm Annique welcome to Elmari, ​​Chezre and Liz. 🤗

I am so excited to travel this journey with you and to watch you grow.

A year ago when I joined out of desperation, I never thought I will be where I am today in my Annique business.

Learn to love the brand and fantastic products and they will love you back.

A special thank you to Uncle Frank and Marie Kerry. Uncle Frank kept on telling me to speak to Marie about joining Annique, I listened but never heard.

Thank you Marie, you were so positive and showed such passion for Annique, you inspired me to start dreaming again. You are the reason I joined and never gave up on my dreams.

Thank you so much Anna-Marie Craven for the excellent leader you are, I am learning so much from you.

I am super excited to see what the future holds. Your dreams can come true, only believe.