Determine your skin tyoe

Complete the quiz and use the questions as a guideline to determine your skin type: 1. When you wake up in the morning, what does your skin look like? (a) Dull, blotchy and/or sallow (b) Normal, but shiny in certain areas (c) Pimples, breakouts and shiny/greasy (d) Normal to red (e) Radiant complexion with no visible pores 2. How does your skin feel during the day? (a) Dry and sometimes tight (b) Normal (c) Dirty and greasy (d) Irritated, itchy, burning and warm (e) Normal 3. How often do you want to wash your face? (a) When necessary, soap makes ... Read More

NAD and Green Roobos 30 Hardgel Capsules

NAD and Green Roobos 30 Hardgel Capsules Launching March 2020 Limited stock available on pre-launch offer   What is NAD? A natural co-enzyme that fuels various key biological processes in the body. Why do I need to supplement with NAD? NAD declines as we age, significantly after 40. What is NAD best for? ⁃ N - Neuro-protector (protects the brain) ⁃ A - Anti-ageing (repairs and maintains healthy DNA) ⁃ D - Disease and mental decline preventer

Pregnancy precautions

Pregnancy precautions What are the Annique-product DO's and DON’Ts during pregnancy and breastfeeding? Most expectant mothers are cautious during pregnancy and breastfeeding, because they want to be sure that what they use and consume is safe for them and their baby. Ronel van Heerden, Annique Training Manager and mother of two boys, answers some of our most frequently asked questions (FAQs) to help put mommies-to-be minds at ease.*Please note that the answers below are recommendations only. You may have underlying conditions that you may not be aware of, and therefore you should always advise that they check with their doctor ... Read More

6 Ways to make your fragrance last longer

We all wear fragrance and sometimes feel it do not last long.Or maybe we get use to the smell. Herewith some tips to get the fragrance to last longer: 1.  Spray the fragrance at the back of your neck, just before the hairline.2. The best way to apply a fragrance is to mist the fragrance out in front of  you and walk through it before dressing.3. Many perfumes can stain clothes, hence the suggestion to apply before  getting dressed.4. Don't dab or rub your wrists - this bruises the fragrance and damages the oils in it, causing the scent to ... Read More