Tips to be successful in your Annique business

First consider the reason why you do what yo do. Why do you want to promote Annique Rooibos Products?

Get a mission and vision for your business. Do you want to only be a consultant or do you want to grow and become a leader motivating others.

Write your goals down.

Decide on a business plan in detail bringing the why in all steps.

Plan Activities Yearly Monthly Daily Hourly

Plan meetings, pamper parties, training


Choose to do things differently

If you want a different outcome you have to to things different

5 Things to do different

  1. Have a “make a difference” attitude. When you interact with you customer, or packing orders.
  2. Invest in a team and  invest in their personal level. Be a mentor and guide them. Talk about other things as your business
  3. Have a mentor. Anyone can be your mentor. Your sponsor or a life couch.
  4. Create activity where the team can work together. They get to know each other and is good for team building
  5. Personal development. If you want to double your income you need to triple the investment to yourself.