I want to share my daily routine that I beleive, keep the doctor away.

All the supplements contain green rooibos extract with all the health benefits of Rooibos

I start each morning with OptiClear to remove all toxins and heavy metals from my body This also bring relief from Allergies, Heartburn, Arthritis, Hangover.

At 10h00 in the morning the following

OptiRooibos to fight cancer and anti-aging as my dad died of cancer and my mom is diagnosed with cancer For good health you need to take 6 cups of rooibos tea or you can add OptiRooibos Capsule.

OptiC to add vitamin C  If you drink a lot of coffee like me or if you smoke or take alcohol This de-pleat the body from vitamin and C and your body cannot manufacture it so you have to supplement.

OptiMega This is for the brain function you need the add the Omega oils. This reduce Heart disease, Cholestrol Inflammation and Risk of Cancer.

I also drink a Lifestyle shake containing all the multivitamins my body needs


At night last thing

OptiFlora to balance the enzymes in my gut back to normal This also reduce Indigestion, Food allergies,Diarrhoea and Constipation

OptiCalmag to build better bones and absorb better overnight.


Combine this with a healthy lifestyle, high in protein and low carbs.

Exercise at least 3 time a week even if only 10 minutes