6 Ways to make your fragrance last longer

We all wear fragrance and sometimes feel it do not last long.Or maybe we get use to the smell. Herewith some tips to get the fragrance to last longer: 1.  Spray the fragrance at the back of your neck, just before the hairline.2. The best way to apply a fragrance is to mist the fragrance out in front of  you and walk through it before dressing.3. Many perfumes can stain clothes, hence the suggestion to apply before  getting dressed.4. Don't dab or rub your wrists - this bruises the fragrance and damages the oils in it, causing the scent to ... Read More

Be your own best

" Be yourself, everyone else is already taken" Oscar Wilde We as women, sometimes forget, that we are special, unique and wonderfully made. In a world of social media constantly comparing us. Showing us how behind in life we are. Plastering our biggest failures to the world. We should just stop. Stop trying in to fit in with the Jones. Stop trying to be the face the world wants to see. And start to be your own best. Be the best you can be. Be the best mother you can be. Be the best sister, the best wife. But please. ... Read More

May 2019 Madness Offers

From 21 May to 22 May 2019 Only   From 20 May to 27 May 2019 May 2019 Offers 21-22 May 2019 only

On Track for Alaska

This year oversea incentive tour is to Alaska Thank you to support in sales to make this a reality

*Zerotox dosis with Chemotherapy*

  https://youtu.be/Hcz-fsYsuNM 2 days before Chemotherapy * drink 2 Zerotox per day (to get rid of poison in body / clean liver) *Don't* drink on the day of Chemotherapy Day *after* Chemo, drink 1 Zerotox every 2 hours for ONE day Thereafter 2 per day If patient is not feeling very well, drink 3 per day (not all at once) *Chemo every day* 1 Zerotox 12 hours *after* Chemo every day *Skin peeling off - side effect of some Chemos • Same as 1-2 above • For a few days *after* Chemo, drink 1 Zerotox 3 x a day *Nausea ... Read More

Baby skin conditions

MANAGING BABY’S SKIN CONDITIONS WITH ROOIBOS It might not be the most obvious thing ever, but did you know that Rooibos can help you manage your baby’s common skin conditions? Rooibos’ miraculous properties – to cure and soothe – are backed not only by scientific research and international recognition, but also by forty years of mothers’ hands-on experience. What mom consumes has a major effect on baby after birth, meaning that if she drinks the recommended six cups of Rooibos a day, the positive effect could be transferred to baby. Rooibos should only be given to babies six months and ... Read More

Stress Less – Relax with Rooibos

Not only does Rooibos Tea in itself beat stress Annique offers the most amazing products that can take care of stress in a jiffy. OptiCalm 60 softgel capsules OptiCalm capsules contain a unique combination of B-vitamins, lecithin and Green Rooibos to fight stress. B-vitamins are water soluble, so they need to be replenished with a supplement daily. OptiCalm contains vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9 and B12 that complement each other and work better together. Never take a single B-vitamin supplement, as they work synergistically and improve each other’s effectiveness in the body. Lecithin is used for treating memory ... Read More