The 6 Unique Annique Differences – All products in the Annique product range contain Rooibos extract with anti-ageing, calming and healing properties

Difference 1:
Cleanse only in the evenings
Take a bit of the appropriate Annique cleansing lotion in your hand, spread it over your palms; keep the palms together for a moment just to warm the lotion a bit. Apply the lotion with light, circular movements without moving or massaging the skin.

The benefits and qualities of this product; it does not burn the eyes; can even be used to remove eye make-up; does not burn the skin; removes surface impurities without stretching the skin, have anti-allergic properties non-greasy texture of the product; its water-solubility,

If the skin is cleansed twice daily, the pH is given no opportunity to recover. This reduces the skin’s resistance against the elements, ageing, and dryness. Sensitivity may also develop.

Wet the sponge or cloth and remove the cleanser in light circular movements. The skin may only be handled like this once per day. Press to dry.

Difference 2:
Press cream onto face
Spread the cream over your palms and press it onto the whole of the face.

Difference 3:
Moisturising the Annique way

Apply the moisturiser by pressing it on wit the palms of your hands. The moisturiser should be applied 4 – 8 times during the day for every one application of Revitalising or other nourishing cream. The moisturiser may be applied over the foundation. Moisturiser complements a good foundation. The application throughout the day merely supplements the moisture of the foundation. This procedure will not block the pores.

Moisturiser provides moisture to the skin, whereas the Revitalising Cream, Skin Detox, Q10 Therapy [cell energy], night creams and other treatment products provide restoration, rejuvenation and nourishment. A lawn requires fertiliser/nourishment in order to flourish. However, the fertiliser will “burn” the lawn if water is not provided simultaneously. The same may happen to the skin! The Revitalising and other nourishing creams should never be used without our effective moisturisers

Difference 4:
Sun protection
• Sun screen and sun block protect not only against the sun, but also against the dehydrating effect of the wind, air conditioning, cold weather and heaters.
• The sun screen lotion has a healing effect on acne and helps the skin to recover from acne sooner – it, therefore, also serves as protection against infection.

Difference 5:
Restoring the pH of the skin – take control

After cleansing, the pores are normally temporarily open; this facilitates the penetration of the creams and lotions. When the Freshener is applied, it locks the pores temporarily, locking in the lotions and reducing the evaporation of moisture.
• However, the Lucid HydraRestore Freshener, Hydrafine Absolute Balancing Freshener or Synergy Clear Complexion Freshener has a far more important task than merely being an astringent; it restores the pH (acid sheath) of the skin after cleansing, thereby increasing the skin’s resistance against infection.
• The pH of the skin also plays an important role in the effective action of the moisturiser and nourishing cream, and it reduces the skin’s sensitivity to active ingredients in skin care products.
• The freshener plays a role similar to that of chlorine in water, namely the prevention of bacterial growth (which turns water green and unhygienic).
• The container of the Lucid HydraRestore Freshener, Hydrafine Absolute Balancing Freshener or Synergy Clear Complexion Freshener is provided with a nozzle, rendering the use of cotton wool obsolete (the latter
would remove some of the applied lotions as well). Some customers believe the “dirty” colour of the cotton bud is evidence of more impurities that has been removed. This is incorrect.
The chemical reaction between the skin’s oils and oxygen causes a minor discolouration of the oil. This is what is seen on the bud, not impurities. Continuous wiping of the skin, especially with a product containing alcohol, will strip the skin of all natural oils.

The Freshener may also be applied during the day. The pH of the skin does not remain constant, and may also be altered by other factors than only cleansing; such as air conditioning, sun burn; wind; cold weather; heat; alcohol; smoke; oil secreted by the skin, etc.
• The spray action facilitates the use of the freshener throughout the day.
• The Freshener fits easily into any handbag or briefcase.
• The Freshener may also be sprayed over makeup without fear that this may cause blocked pores. In fact, by following this procedure the oil in the pores are kept liquid, preventing pimples from forming.
• Other advantages of the freshener it contains Rooibos extract, making it suitable for allergic and sensitive skins.

Difference 6:
The Annique Foundation
• It is time to apply the right shade of foundation.
The foundation is not smoothed onto the face, but should also, like the other products, be pressed lightly onto the face. Always use clean facial sponges to ensure a smooth, natural appearance.
• Our foundations are moisture foundations, which prevents dehydration of the skin. The Annique foundations will not block the pores. It leaves the skin with a lively glow and moist appearance – a beautiful background for make-up. It also contains a sun filter for extra protection.

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