This info for Annique Rooibos Products Consultants in our team

My Annique Rooibos Story

In 2001, I embarked on my journey with Annique Rooibos to introduce balance into my life. At that time, I was deeply engrossed in the demanding world of accountancy, yearning for a change that not only offered a different path but also allowed me to make a meaningful impact while creating an additional source of income. My Annique journey began with experiencing the remarkable benefits of our products and sharing these results with my close-knit circle of family and friends. Over the years, my commitment grew, and in 2018, I made the determined decision to qualify for the overseas incentive ... Read More

Annique Consultants – How to register a new recruit

Annique Consultants - How to register a new recruit A. STEPS TO REGISTER ( Sponsor will complete this on her own profile) 1. LOGIN ON THE ANNIQUESTORE with your member nr and password 2. Go to “My Profile” 3. Click on “My Referrals / New Registrants” 4. Click on + (RED PLUS SIGN) 5. Enter all details as requested. 6. LAST LINE: If the address of the Consultant is not recognised by Google Maps, you can just type in the main town and suburb of the home address. 7. Click on “Save registrant” and on the dropdown menu, select “Activate” ... Read More

Annique Consultants – Need to know tips

Need to know tips: Do you want less admin to worry about? Do you know about our automated processes below? The great news is that your consultant can reactivate him/herself and the deactivation process is automatic. Home office will no longer be activating and deactivating consultants when logging a ticket with our CRM Department. There is a much more convenient way for you and for your consultant.  Let’s recap on the different definitions: Definitions: How Do I Remain Active in the Annique Business? Have any amount of Personal Sales over a 6-month rolling period.   Deactivation for a consultant who has placed an ... Read More

Annique Consultants – Fast Start Programme

Fast Start Terms and Conditions 2023 – 2024 We give you, the consultant, an opportunity to offer a potential new consultant a comprehensive way of earning more from the start of their Annique career plus offers they cannot resist. The objective of our Fast Start Programme We know the more products you have on hand to sample, the more you can sell. That is why we reward new consultants and their Sponsors with FREE product rewards or cash. This is also a way for a new consultant to experience the products and have her own testimonials to share with potential new clients ... Read More