Keeping children hydrated and

healthy on a daily basis is often a serious challenge for Moms nationwide.

Iced Rooibos tea has been proven by researchers to be a natural, delicious thirst quencher, providing sustained health for consumers of the beverage.

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Children kept healthily hydrated and healthy by drinking Rooibos tea

Children healthy by drinking Rooibos teaMothers across the country are often concerned as to whether their children are receiving enough of the right kind of liquids to ensure they are hydrated throughout the school day. Correct hydration is just as important as ensuring children receive healthy nutrition since even mild dehydration can lead to sleepiness, fatigue, headaches and dizziness.

These symptoms can make it difficult for children to pay attention in class and in more severe
cases result in delirium or even unconsciousness. According to Professor Jeanine Marnewick of the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Rooibos is a natural thirst quencher and drinking the equivalent of six cups a day, whether hot or cold, will provide a sustained health benefit.

Although many people tend to think of Rooibos as only a hot drink, it is an exceptional flavour
enhancer and is naturally sweet, which makes it a favourite ingredient for iced teas, fruit shakes, smoothies, iced lollies and many other tasty treats. It contains no caffeine, fats or carbohydrates and proven health benefits include boosting the immune system, relieving allergies and preventing heart disease and cancer. Researchers are also investigating the link between Rooibos and stress relief.

Mothers can make a litre of Rooibos tea using four to six teabags and sweeten the tea with honey, leaving it in the fridge to cool overnight. The tea can be kept in the fridge for up to two weeks. Moms can experiment by adding mint, lemon, orange, granadilla, mango, apple or a combination of juices to the tea until they fi nd one that their children enjoy. Try mixing 25ml fruit juice with 125ml Rooibos Tea as a start. By pouring some iced tea into popsicle containers or ice-cube trays and freezing it, children will also have fun, refreshing, healthy after school or
sports treats.

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