In 2001, I embarked on my journey with Annique Rooibos to introduce balance into my life. At that time, I was deeply engrossed in the demanding world of accountancy, yearning for a change that not only offered a different path but also allowed me to make a meaningful impact while creating an additional source of income. My Annique journey began with experiencing the remarkable benefits of our products and sharing these results with my close-knit circle of family and friends. Over the years, my commitment grew, and in 2018, I made the determined decision to qualify for the overseas incentive trip to Alaska. Since then, my Annique Business has flourished, and I’ve had the privilege of enjoying three Overseas Incentive trips.

My passion for health and beauty dates back to my high school years. The uniqueness of Rooibos, which is indigenous to South Africa, along with its myriad health benefits, compelled me to join as an Annique Rooibos Consultant. My motivation stems from a deep-seated belief in the positive impact these products can have on people’s lives.

My personal mantra is “Making a difference with Rooibos” and I firmly believe in it. Additionally, I live by the mantra “Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime, Always, Annique,” emphasizing the versatility and accessibility of Annique products and opportunities.

My personal sales increased a lot when I made the pivotal decision to prioritize Annique Rooibos as my primary source of income. This involved investing more time and effort into my business. I concentrated on nurturing existing skincare customers and actively sought referrals. Building strong customer relationships and providing exceptional service became my focal point. I maintained personal contact with customers on a daily basis, not only sharing product specials but also expressing genuine interest in their lives. Effective communication, order tracking, and packaging orders thoughtfully with a personalized touch were key strategies. Additionally, I diligently followed up with new customers and those who purchased new products, ensuring their satisfaction and building loyalty.

My strategy for acquiring new customers revolves around the “One meter rule.” This principle, which I’ve applied since starting with Annique Rooibos in 2001, involves recognizing that everyone I come into contact with, whether in person or over the phone, has the potential to become a customer or consultant. I leverage every interaction, whether it’s with a grocery store cashier, a bank employee, or a waiter at a restaurant. By understanding the needs of individuals and offering them suitable products or presenting the business opportunity, I aim to tap into the diverse market in my new location.

I use WhatsApp as my primary communication tool with customers, providing them with information on product specials, product details, and even personalized messages.

I leverage the power of visuals by sharing product benefits through WhatsApp pictures and descriptions with my customers. This helps them understand the value of the products and encourages upselling.

I actively use Facebook and Instagram on a daily basis to promote Annique Rooibos. Consistent posting and engagement are essential for maintaining visibility and attracting new customers.

To ensure effective record-keeping, I maintain individual customer cards with essential information, including names, birthdates, and recommended products. I also document the date of their last purchase and the products they ordered. This meticulous tracking helps me anticipate their future needs and provide personalized recommendations.

I primarily acquire new customers through the “One meter rule” approach, actively engaging with people in my vicinity and by maintaining a strong online presence through daily Facebook posts. Being visible and approachable is key to attracting potential customers.


To grow your business

  • Continuously educate yourself about Annique products through the Academy and online courses.
  • Personally use the products to understand their benefits and build authenticity in your recommendations.
  • Set clear targets and celebrate your achievements along the way.
  • Stay focused on your goals, even in the face of challenges.
  • Be readily available and visible to both current and potential customers. Consistency in engagement and communication is key to building trust and loyalty in your customer base.


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