Body Care | Resque Range

Annique’s Resque range has provided alleviation and restoration for many years. This range was originally developed in the 1990’s, after the first product, Resque Crème, hugely improved the lives of countless people suffering from eczema, rashes, insect bites, sunburn and many other skin ailments.

It expanded in later years with the addition of two more products, Resque Mist and Resque Concentrate, aimed at helping people recover from everyday ailments, allergies and respiratory problems.

Today the range contains six fantastic products to assist you and your family with everyday ailments.

Resque boasts a clean and clinical design, bearing a reassuring red cross and reveals its soothing properties with its modern design. The range merges science with traditional remedies that have been used for many years.

Ingredients include Rooibos, wintergreen, camphor, eucalyptus, lavender and many more. Your emergency kit is now complete with Resque, a product range that has built its legacy on effective relief from skin emergencies, allergies and pain and discomfort.

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