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Annique’s Sun Protection contains Green Rooibos Extract.

Be wise about sun exposure and avoid the sun between 10:00 and 15:00, wear a hat and apply a sunblock every day. Choose a sunblock that provides road spectrum protection, like Annique’s Be Wise SPF 50, that filters UVA and UVB rays.

Remember to also apply sunblock to your neck and hands. These areas are often neglected, but are also exposed to the sun.

One of the six differences between Annique and other beauty houses is that we believe sun care forms part of our daily skin care routine and we thus regard our sun protection products as cardinally important.

Sun protection is important as skin damage from sunlight builds up with continued exposure, whether sunburn occurs or not. In addition to skin cancer and sunburn, wrinkles and premature ageing are also caused by sun exposure. Annique’s Sun Care range provides broad spectrum protection, helps to prevent the signs of ageing associated with sun exposure and contains Rooibos extract for its powerful antioxidant properties.

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