180˚ Gentle Shaving Foam 250ml

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A light, Rooibos-enriched creamy shave foam that ensures a smooth shave.


An effective shaving foam is worth more than its weight in gold. Sensitive skin isn’t just limited to women, which makes Annique’s Gentle Shaving Foam a must for any man wanting to avoid razor burn while maintaining their clean-shaven look. The Rooibos extract found in Gentle Shaving Foam helps reduce skin sensitivity as well as sensitive razor burn, while the glycerine conditions the skin as you shave.


  • A light, creamy shave foam that is easy to apply.
  • It sets up a slick surface for a close shave, which helps prevent nicks, cuts and razor burn.

1 review for 180˚ Gentle Shaving Foam 250ml

  1. FrancoisB

    Excellent product! Gives a close shave, less irritation on my skin and feels fresh after shaving!

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