Baby Rooibos Tea 50g

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Organic Rooibos Tea helps to soothe food allergies when used to prepare milk formula.

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Baby Rooibos Tea 100g

Baby Rooibos Tea helps to soothe food allergies when used to prepare milk formula. Add Rooibos to baby’s bath water to soothe skin irritation and rashes.

You are advised to replace juice or water with the Rooibos Baby tea, for an anti-allergic and nutritional supplementary drink. The Baby tea may also be added to a normal bottle feed, but does not replace bottle-feeds or breastfeeding.

Annique Rooibos Baby tea has a natural sweet and fruity flavour and does not need not be sweetened with honey or sugar.

The Annique Rooibos story started in 1968, when Dr. Annique Theron, a South African mother, discovered its ability to soothe and calm her baby daughter, relieving the infant of colic and insomnia. Amazed by its natural healing potential,

Dr Theron went on to investigate and document its health promoting properties as a caffeine-free, low-in-tannin tea, which is not just suitable for babies, but for a wide spectrum of age groups, helping to improve allergies and ailments.

Annique’s Baby tea is organic and has been hygienically treated. Moms can mix their formula with Annique’s Baby  tea – that boasts anti-allergenic, antiviral, anti-spasmodic and antioxidant properties – instead of using water. Babies can also be bathed in the Rooibos tea to treat and prevent skin rashes and sensitivity.

Give your baby the best start with.  Use the Rooibos tea as a nutritional supplement to limit the occurrence of milk and other food allergies. Replace or mix juices (e.g. apple juice) with the Rooibos Baby tea for an anti-allergenic and nutritional supplementary drink

To prepare: Add one tea bag to boiling water in a tea pot. Simmer for 5 to 15 minutes to activate the anti-allergic enzymes. Then add it to your baby’s milk or cool down and add to fruit juice, for a healthy, suitable baby drink.

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1 review for Baby Rooibos Tea 50g

  1. Anna-Marie Craven

    What a Good morning Marie, yo…!!! I haven’t had a great sleep like i did today since my baby was born after drinking the tea yesterday during the day and last night just before we slept she slept right through the night only woke once or twice for nappy changing and a feeding… Though she hasn’t had a nice poop as yet but we slept so nice and i rested too after a long time of not having a proper night sleep… Thanks so much… Carol Pretoria

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