Bone Broth Single Sachet 30g

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Bone broth – the new Superfood

Also known as collagen broth.

As we age, our naturally produced collagen wanes Collagen fibres break down and since collagen is a protein or building blocks for hair, skin, nails, cartilage, muscles, joints and articular cartilage, it is like a wall missing some of it’s bricks. The wall can easily fall down and it is not strong enough to carry weight.

What benefits will you have in taking bone broth?

  1. Beautiful hair, skin and nails – that is what you will see
  2. What you will not see – stronger and more flexible arteries, muscles, joints and cartilages
  3. It can repair leaky gut
  4. Helps burn fat


Who will benefit?

  1. Children from a young age, especially very active, sporty kids. I believe bone broth will help with less sport injuries as they grow older
  2. Sport people – especially those with strenuous excercise programs
  3. Sick people
  4. The elderly – they tend to become very weak and their bones are brittle and breaks easy. Bone broth will strengthen their muscles to support their bodies. They also don’t eat well and the bone broth can be a very good addition to their diet with no need to chew.
  5. People with a family history of heart disease
  6. People with thinning hair, sagging skin and brittle nails.
  7. And people who wants the fountain of youth!!


Play around with ways to drink the Bone Broth.

It has a very strong taste and I tried the 30g in 250ml boiling water – like cup-a-soup, but I could not drink it. I was also nauseas for a day.

It is easier to take 10g in 100ml water (divide the sachet in 3 equal portions) Or you can make a vegetable soup and mix 10g into a cup of soup.

You can even mixed it with my shake – very weird taste, but drankable.

Buy 4 sachets per month per person. Divide 1 sachet into 3 and drink on alternative days and not on weekends.

As you start to see and feel the difference, you will want to drink more. But this way it starts off as very affordable.

Use it for at least 3 months.