Circulex Cellulite Treatment 150ml


Specifically formulated to enhance the body’s ability to eliminate cellulite more effectively

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Body Xpert | Circulex Cellulite Treatment repair and treat and minimise your cellulite


• Triple action cellulite treatment.
• Eliminate cellulite more effectively.
• Assists in the breakdown of cellulite.
• Stops fat cells from enlarging.
• Caffeine assists with improving the appearance of cellulite.Green Rooibos extract, a powerful antioxidant, helps  prevent premature ageing.


What Is Cellulite?

• The term ‘cellulite’ refers to an altered blood and lymph circulation state, accumulation of adipose cells and modification of surrounding tissue resulting in an “orange peel’ effect.
• Majority of women (90%) have some degree of cellulite that ranges from mild when the skin is pinched, to extensive bulging visible all the time.
• Cellulite begins to form during puberty, although it isn’t always noticeable on younger women.

What Causes Cellulite?
Sedentary life style i.e. lack of exercise, unhealthy diet, too much caffeine and alcohol. In short: a toxin overloaded lymphatic system!

3 Steps to improving the appearance of cellulite
• DETOX: eliminate caffeine and alcohol, drink more water and Rooibos tea and limit carbohydrates in your diet.
• BOOST CIRCULATION: Get up and start doing some exercise.
Dry body brushing using the Annique’s Body Wonder Sponge.
• RESTORE: Use Body Xpert products to accelerate your results!