Face Facts Cleanser 100ml


For problem and oily skin


Face Facts Cleanser for young problem skin is a fresh and delicate herbal cleanser that helps to remove dirt and leaves the skin refreshing clean.

  1. Fresh and delicate herbal cleanser that helps to wipe away dirt, remove oiliness and leave the skin refreshingly clean.
  2. Suitable for all skin types.
  3. Fresh dual therapeutic fragrance, which helps control oiliness and acne-forming bacteria.
  4. Contains organic Green Rooibos extract, which is a super antioxidant, which detoxifies, has anti-inflammatory properties and regenerates skin cells.
  5. Contains alpha hydroxy acids (a unique blend of billberry, sugarcane, sugar maple, orange and lemon extract) that promotes a smoother skin by increasing the rate of cell renewal.



  1. It removes dirt, dust, loose and dead skin cells, microorganisms, sebum, sweat residues and make-up.
  2. Purifies the skin deeply from impurities, yet mild enough not to cause irritation.
  3. Thoroughly eliminates and prevents skin impurities which can lead to acne forming.
  4. Effectively removes excess oils, but still maintains moisture and leaves a matt appearance.
  5. It lathers into a soft, gentle foam giving your skin a pleasant sensation.



Use in the evenings. Rinse your face with Rooibos tea and apply Clear Control Cleanser with light circular movements onto your face and neck. Wipe away dirt and pollutants with a damp facial sponge or cloth and rinse with Rooibos water. Apply Moisture Moisture Shield SPF 8.


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