Resque Hair Nutrition 100ml


Annique’s Hair Nutrition+ can help put the life back into your hair, while at the same time helping to relieve any hair challenges you might have.


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Resque Hair Nutrition is a good hair day is something most of us strive for, men and women alike. It gives us confidence, empowers us, and makes us feel like we can conquer the world.

In a nutshell, Hair Nutrition+ helps to do the following for your hair:

• Nourish, soothe and revitalise scalp and hair

• Protect against hair loss, brittle hair and split ends

• Improve shine, growth, thickness and density

• Contribute to moisture retention in hair

• Relieve eczema and dryness

• Rejuvenate lifeless hair

In a study commissioned by a professor for use in cosmetic applications, and carried out by an independent laboratory in France, Rooibos was perceived to positively affect the hair and hair growth. In a 90-day trial, the action of a lotion containing a broad-spectrum Rooibos extract was compared with a placebo lotion without Rooibos. The trial  participants were healthy men and women experiencing hair loss. At trial-end using a videotrichogramme that measures hair density and hair growth speed, the laboratory noted that a significant increase in the speed of hair growth had occurred in the participants using the Rooibos lotion.

Protects hair and improve shine and growth


2 reviews for Resque Hair Nutrition 100ml

  1. Anna-Marie Craven

    My husband suffered from hair loss and his hair got brittle. So, I decided there is only ONE way to treat his hair! He started using Annique’s Hair Nutrition+ two months ago by applying it every day on his hair and scalp.
    We can’t believe the huge improvement in his hair growth since he started using it. His hair also got stronger.
    I recommended this product to friends of mine and will definitely promote the magnificent results of this product in future! Thea Basson

  2. Anna-Marie Craven


    I introduced the product to a little girl with very curly hair that was dry and with not shine. She applied the product and after 3 weeks the hair was soft and shiny and appear healthy. Cecilia Alberton

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