Hydrafine Night Cream 50ml


An effective formula containing multivitamins to provide your skin with the perfect overnight moisturing balance.


Hydrafine Night Cream

Annique Hydrafine Night Cream an effective formula containing multivitamins to provide your skin with the perfect overnight moisture balance.

  • Especially formulated for evening use, with deep penetrating action.
  • Rich in vitamins (A, B and E) and minerals to help nourish skin cells.
  • Skin feels dewy, moist and smooth the next morning, without any residue on the skin.


  • Your skin need extra care at night as the whole body goes into repair mode, hence the term beauty sleep.
  • Balance, moisturise and condition normal and combination skin at night with the Hydrafine Night Cream.

Ideal for:

  • Ideal for normal/ combination skin types
  • People how prefer a lighter light cream
  • The perfect night cream for in-between seasons


  • Antioxidants
  • Soothing
  • Maintains skin hydration
  • Suitable for normal/ combination skins
  • Nourishes skin at night

Key active ingredients

  • Green Rooibos extract
  • Provitamin B5
  • Marinematt
  • MoistBalance
  • Vitamin E Acetate
  • Vitamin A
  • Lanolin Oil
  • Allantoin

Product Applicatio

  1. Gently press onto cleansed skin.
  2. For best results, apply after your skin appropriate serums, Essense Skin Detox and Forever Young Revitalising Cream.
  3. Complete your regimen with the Balancing Moisturiser and the Skin Refining Freshener.

    Ideal with


The Hydrafine range is the ultimate daily facial skin care range for normal and combination skin types. This exceptional range provides the perfect balance of moisture for normal and combination skin, and will leave yours refined and beautiful.

The word “hydra” has its origin in the word “hydration” and it means to restore moisture, to water or to drench your skin. The word “fine”, when linked to the word “refine”, means to go back to its beautiful or delicate state. Hydrafine embodies delicate and fine texture and aims to provide you with both.

This range includes three state of the art intelligent active ingredients that have been carefully researched and selected to bring the ultimate solution for normal/ combination skin.

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