HydraRestore Freshener 100ml


An innovative hydrating antioxidant freshner enriched with Inca Omega Oils which help to soothe dry and mature skin. Frangrance free

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Lucid HydraRestore Freshener an innovative, hydrating antioxidant freshener for dry skin, and has been enriched with anti-ageing Inca Omega Oil and AquaVital. Inca Omega Oil is exceptionally high in Omega 3 fatty acids which makes it the richest of all known natural omega sources. It help s to decrease redness and inflammation caused by UVB, maintains skin elasticity and hydration, helps to stimulate skin healing and helps to maintain skin hydration. This product also assists with balancing the skin’s pH, and proving skin texture and appearance. Contains Annique’s exclusive extract of Rooibos, a potent natural antioxidant.

Includes an innovative and sophisticated active ingredient, named AquaVital. This ingredient is suitable even for the most sensitive skin types and is 100% natural and is plant derived. It has been scientifically formulated as an advanced moisture regulator that acts as a moisture reservoir in the skin.

Due to this it has a highly effective ability to intensify moisture retention in the skin. It also has the extraordinary ability to function effectively, even in dry, low humidity environments. Because of AquaVital’s unique ability to bind to amino acids in the skin, it can moisturise the skin for longer periods, and the “moisture reservoir” benefits increase with regular use. Scientific and dermatological tests have proven AquaVital’s efficacy as a superior moisturising ingredient and now adds even more moisturising benefits to the various tried and trusted Annique Lucid formulations, immensely improving their efficacy.

Spray over face and neck, mornings and evenings after applying all your other Annique skin treatment products. For especially dehydrated, aged and dry skin – use as often as possible, by spraying over face and neck when tightness or discomfort is noticed


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