Face Facts | Moisture Shield SPF 8 50ml


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A daily moisturiser for younger skin with sun filters to help protect skin against damaging UV-rays.

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Face Facts Moisture Shield SPF 8  a daily moisturiser for younger skin with sun filters to help protect skin against damaging UV-rays.

Moisturiser is critically important in calming down and nourishing the skin and the skin needs to be protected and kept clean as often as possible. “It is critical that the skin is not overstimulated, usually through over-exfoliating. Knowing the pH balance of an acne skin is important as the pH can make the acne better or worse,”

One of the biggest mistakes teenagers make when trying to make acne breakouts disappear, is to dry the skin out and remove all natural oils by using soaps, scrubs and masques.


Eat fresh, unprocessed foods to keep the skin healthy.

Fibre (grains, beans, vegetables, fruit): to cleanse the colon of toxins Fruit and vegetables: have a high water and micronutrient content, maintain an optimum acid/alkaline balance Eggs, onions, garlic: sulphur-rich foods Shellfish, whole grains, seeds, nuts: zinc-rich foods Water: 6 – 8 glasses per day (and at least six cups of Rooibos Tea each day) Natural Yoghurt: to maintain healthy intenstinal flora Annique Detox and Colon Cleanse teas: to prevent constipation and aid detoxification


Sugar, high-fat foods, transfats (margarine), processed foods, dairy (if allergic), iodized salt, alcohol


Cheese, chocolate, spicy foods, wheat, carbonated drinks

Application Twice a day Forever Young Revitalising Cream, Face Facts Moisture Shield SPF 8, rinse with Green Rooibos tea and facefacts Spotless on infl amed areas


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