Lucid Optimal Night Renewal – 50ml

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A rich nourishing night creme that contains AquaVital and nourishing oils to regulate moisture and help replenish your skin.

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Lucid Optimal Night Renewal a rich nourishing night crème to help hydrate and restore suppleness to dry, mature, sensitive skin without causing irritation.

Contains AquaVital and nourishing oils to regulate moisture and help replenish your skin, leaving the skin comfortably moisturised and nourished. Also contains macadamia nut oil for its moisturising properties and Annique’s exclusive extract of Rooibos, a potent natural antioxidant.

• Nourishing oils help to hydrate, restore and replenish dry, mature and sensitive skins at night
• Contains macadamia nut oil for it’s moisturising properties
• Contains AquaVital and Rooibos

Includes an innovative and sophisticated active ingredient, named AquaVital. This ingredient is suitable even for the most sensitive skin types and is 100% natural and is plant derived. It has been scientifically formulated as an advanced moisture regulator that acts as a moisture reservoir in the skin.

Due to this it has a highly effective ability to intensify moisture retention in the skin. It also has the extraordinary ability to function effectively, even in dry, low humidity environments. Because of AquaVital’s unique ability to bind to amino acids in the skin, it can moisturise the skin for longer periods, and the “moisture reservoir” benefits increase with regular use. Scientific and dermatological tests have proven AquaVital’s efficacy as a superior moisturising ingredient and now adds even more moisturising benefits to the various tried and trusted Annique Lucid formulations, immensely improving their efficacy.

Apply after cleansing with the Annique cleanser most suited for your skin, by gently pressing onto dry cleansed skin. For best results, use with Essense Skin Detox, Forever Young Revitalising Cream and the moisturiser best suited for your skin, for a higher degree of intense moisture and suppleness.

Lucid Optimal Night Renewal 50ml has been dermatologically tested and approved through clinical trials.

Dermatologically tested implies that a product has undergone strict tests and has passed the critical standards set by the relevant laboratory as well as the company involved. These tests can only be performed by dermatologists and scientists working in a designated laboratory. Some important Annique products are tested scientifi cally for any allergic reaction in a laboratory. These tests are performed only on human skin, to establish whether the active ingredients in the product cause any reactions. When no reaction has been observed, only then do the Annique products meet the strict standards determined by the dermatologists and scientists. The products tested have been subjected to this strict testing process and therefore we are proud to say that Annique’s products have been
successfully dermatologically tested. That is why we can market our product as suitable for all skin types, a unique and powerful brand in its own right.


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