Rooibos and Jasmine (Relax) Tea 50g


Relieves stress and anxiety




Rooibos Relax Tea 50g with Jasmine

(Jasminum Officinale) is excellent for relaxation. For an acne prone skin, spray directly onto the skin. The Relax Herbal Tea helps to replenish bodily systems with health-enhancing antioxidants, which reduces inflammatory conditions.

It also boasts benefits like:

• An enhanced immune system

• An improved level of energy

• A pronounced ability to lose weight and burn fat

• Better concentration

• A much lower level of stress

• A reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer

• Fewer allergies

• Lower cholesterol

• Less chance of colds and flu

• Less joint and back pain

• Fewer muscle aches and spasms


Pour boiling water in cup, add one teabag of Relax Tea and let it steep for 2 – 5 minutes or boil the tea on the stove for 2 – 5 minutes. Drink as is, preferably without milk and sugar. Do not heat the herbal teas in the microwave oven, as the microwaves may destroy antioxidants in the tea.


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