Resque Circulation 75ml


Instantly relax, refresh, and soothe feet and legs


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Resque Circulation

Walk on air! Annique’s Resque Circulation is a gel so cool you’ll feel light all day. It instantly relaxes, refreshes and soothes tired legs and feet. Effective herbal ingredients restore blood circulation, to help solve problems like swelling, stiffness,and tired legs quickly.

Instantly relax, refresh and soothe feet and legs with Resque Circulation Gel. Camphor aids in the relief of muscular aches and pains; menthol refreshes and revives tired legs; and arnica is well known for its stimulating properties and for reducing the feeling of ‘heavy legs’. Cypress helps to soothe muscular cramps and sluggish circulation and witch hazel greatly benefits micro circulation.

  • Do you regularly have to sit still?
  • Do you often stand for longer than an hour at a time?
  • Do you travel frequently, by air or car?
  • Does your job involve prolonged periods of standing or walking?
  • Do your legs get tired quickly?
  • Do you suffer from any of the following uncomfortable ailments?
    • Swollen feet and ankles
    • Tired legs
    • Lower leg pain for no apparent reason
    • Stiff ankles
    • Sluggish or heavy legs

If you answered yes to two or more of the above, then the Resque Circulation Gel is for you.


  • Soothes:
    • Swollen feet and ankles
    • Tired legs
    • Lower leg pain
    • Stiff ankles
    • Sluggish or heavy legs
    • Muscular cramps

Key active ingredients

  • Rooibos
  • Camphor
  • Menthol
  • Arnica
  • Cypress
  • Witch hazel

Ideal for

  1. Cooling
  2. Refreshing
  3. Herbal ingredients soothe swollen feet and legs
  4. Unique formula like no other


  1. Suitable for the whole family
  2. People who stand or sit all day long, like teachers and office workers
  3. Diabetics
  4. People who often travel long distances


  • Apply in the morning or evening or at anytime during the day.
  • Beginning with the soles of the feet, rub in with circular movements, then move up to the thighs. This helps to take care of the swelling.
  • Massage the feet and legs upwards by exerting slight pressure between the thumbs and index fingers of both hands.




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