Skin Detox 30ml


Helps prevent blackheads.  Replace essential fatty acids in the skin, leaving the skin feeling smoother and more radiant.

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Essense Skin Detox helps prevent blackheads.  Replace essential fatty acids in the skin, leaving the skin feeling smoother and more radiant.

Your skin has a chance to look and feel its best by combining the Essense Skin Detox treatment with your daily skin care routine.

Optimum hydration is essential to ensure skin stays clear and protected from harsh external elements that cause acne, dryness, flaking and scarring, like sun, wind and heat. Transepidermal water loss is commonly known to cause dehydration, itchy and flaking skin. The rich, moisturising benefits of macadamia nut oil is vital in keeping skin smooth and supple and prolonging its youthful appearance.

Macadamia nut oil is known to have healing properties and is absorbed quickly into the skin, leaving a light, velvety, protective barrier on the skin. It is naturally high in vitamin A and vitamin E, two vitamins that are known for their ability to heal and regenerate the skin.

Vitamin A is known to help the skin rebuild tissue and is also an essential vitamin when it comes to healing cuts, scratches, wounds and other damage to the skin through regulating cellular growth.

• Ideal skin detoxing function and nourishing pre-treatment. Eliminates free radical damage and purifies the skin.
• UVA and UVB filters.
• Macadamia Nut Oil.
• Enhances the skin’s ability to fight free radicals, which are caused by pollution, medication and stress.

• Acts as a free radical scavenger.
• Replaces essential fatty acids in the skin and supports transepidermal water retention.
• Reduces acne, pimples, pigmentation marks and symptoms of ageing and dullness.

Benefits of Vitamin A:
• Reduction of both wrinkles and fine lines
• Increases collagen production
• Smoothes skin texture
• Increases skin thickness
• Improves elasticity
• Diminishes acne
• Improves overall skin tone
• Diminishes pigmentation
• Increases skin hydration
• Stimulates skin repair
Vitamin E is perhaps the most well-known vitamin that is essential for healthy skin as it is an effective antioxidant that helps fight free radical damage. Providing the skin with vitamins has a positive effect in the reduction of eurythmia (swelling) and skin sensitivity after UV exposure or sunburn.

Benefits of Vitamin E:
• Healing
• Protects skin against UV radiation
• Repairs damaged tissue
• Reduces the size of scars
• It is a powerful antioxidant whose effects are amplified when it works together with other antioxidants such as Rooibos extract

Essense Skin Detox is ideal for:
• Purifying the skin
• Healing damaged acne skin
• Healing and repairing pimples and breakouts
• Daily maintenance of skin prone to break-outs
• Reduces smokers’ lines
• Pigmentation and scar repair
• Ideal for dull skin
• Ideal for severely dry and flaking skin
• Prepares skin for other anti-ageing, treatments and daily skin care products to follow
• Reduces the dry and taut feeling of skin after cleansing
• Replaces essential fatty acids in the skin

Active Ingredients :
• Vitamins A and E
• UVA and UVB filters
• Macadamia nut oil
• Rooibos extract

Recommended for :
• Acne and pimples.
• Pigmentation marks.
• Dry and aged skin.
• Prevent black and whiteheads.