Synergy | Even Skin Moisturiser 50ml


A light oil-free moisturiser, that helps to soothe and hydrate skin.


Synergy Even Skin Moisturiser, a light oil-free moisturiser, that helps to soothe and hydrate skin. Also helps to regulate sebum production and prevent future breakouts.

A light, oil-free moisturiser that helps to soothe, nourish and hydrate oily and problem skin without clogging pores. Contains vitamin C to help even out skin-tone. Together with a special blend of antibacterial Tea Tree Oil and skin calming Witch Hazel. Helps regulate sebum production and prevents future breakouts. This product contains Annique’s exclusive extract of Green Rooibos, a powerful anti-inflammatory and natural antioxidant.

It has been dermatologicaly approved through clinical trials. It is suitable for sensitive skins and will not irritate or aggravate the skin.

Green Rooibos Extract
• Higher levels of natural antioxidants than normal Rooibos extract
• Anti-inflammatory properties

Witch Hazel
• Suitable for sensitive skin
• Controls oil production
• Reduces skin blemishes
• Tones and tightens pores
• Soothes redness
• Anti-inflammatory properties
• Antioxidant properties

Tea Tree Oil
• Antiseptic, germicidal, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties
• Controls oil production
• Unclogs pores
• Antioxidant properties
• Soothing properties

Vitamin C
• Contains skin firrming properties
• Antioxidant properties
• Reduces the appearance of skin blemishes and acne
• Can aid in the skin’s natural collagen production

Macadamia Nut Oil
• For its moisturising properties
• Keeps the skin supple
• Light, non-greasy
• Does not block pores
• Anti-in ammatory properties
• Can provide acne relief
• Can help soothe the skin

Peppermint Oil
• Gives a cooling and refreshing effect
• Helps boost the texture of oily skin
• Can help keep blemishes and pimples at bay
• Helps control excess oil production
• Can help improve oily skin
• Can prevent clogged pores and acne