Face Facts | Spotless Pimple Treatment 10ml


Ideal for clearing up pimples and blemishes.


Face Facts Spotless Pimple Treatment is ideal for clearing up pimples and blemishes with a herbal formulation recommended for pimples, skin blemishes and other sensitive skin conditions.

• Contains antioxidants like vitamins, minerals and Annique’s patented Rooibos extract, which has detoxifying and anti-inflammatory benefi ts that helps to regenerate skin cells.

It also contains:
• Myrrh extract known for its anti-infl ammatory, anti-microbial and antiseptic properties.

• Cinnamon oil for its antiseptic properties.

• Tea Tree Oil is known for its anti-microbial, anti-infectious, anti-infl ammatory and antiseptic properties.

These ingredients will accelerate the healing process, while calming irritated skin.

Apply Spotless sparingly to a dry and clean skin. Use on affected areas as well as pimple-prone areas like the face, neck, chest and back.