Refreshing Rooibos Ice tea

1 litre boiling water

8 Rooibos Tea bags

1-2 cups sugar

2-3 litres of cold water and ice cubes

1 litre liquifruit any flavor

Lemon juice


Add 1 litres of boiling water in a pot with the tea bags.

Let it cook for 10 min until it’s very strong drawn.

Catch the bags and add the sugar at (1 TO 2 cups depending on how sweet you like it).Stir until the sugar is solved.

Add Ice cubes in to bring the temperature down and fill up with cold water up on a total of 4 litres .

Then add the liquifruit of your choice, and add lemon jiuce to taste.

Delivering for 5 litres of Refreshing Rooibos Ice tea.

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