Steps to Healthier Body to feel great

All you need to know about our Slimming Range as well as the detox-supplements

Take thes Steps to Healthier Body

* Zerotox/ Activated Charcoal* – to eliminate toxins from the body and allow the body to operate better

Burn calories quicker and make your body more insulin sensitive to reduce blood sugar fluctuations, and feeling of hunger.
*Chromium Picolinate* to reduce cravings
*MetaBoost* to speed up metabolism

Avoiding carbs, will force your body to burn fat for energy.
*FatAttack* will help you in this process and help to convert food you eat into available energy, reducing storage in fat cells, and also using already stored fat, to convert to energy!

RESULTS – leaner, more energised body!

STEP 4. *Maintain and stay on track

*Lifestyle Shake* –

Use it as a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement to give your day a good healthy start and it will also help you to avoid snacking on unhealthy fast food while you are busy or at work.
This is the perfect meal-snack alternative

??‍♀️Get moving – even if it just 15 min a day, walking around the block

? Avoid refined carbohydrates (bread, pasta, cake, rice)

? Avoid sugars

? Drink lots of Rooibos HERBAL Tea and water in stead of coffee. Make yourself a flask and keep it near you.

?Eat enough fibre ( one apple at night to get your pro and pre-biotics)

? Stop snacking the whole day and try to leave at least 4-5hours between meals, to help your body go into FAT BURNING MODE

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