Treatment of other skin and beauty problems

  1. Enlarged pores:

Forever Young Revitalising Cream to promote refining of the pores from below the surface. Essense Miracle Tissue Oil for extra nourishment, and for firming the cell walls and skin muscles. Essense Pore Minimising Serum. Hydrafine Purifying & Rebalancing Masque or Face Facts Calm Down Masque once per week, mixed with Annique Revitalising Cream and a few drops of Essense Miracle Tissue Oil. This masque offers a salon treatment at home – massaging the skin gently and refining the pores.

  • Essense Brigtening Treatment refines and smoothes fine lines and pores.
  • Forever Young RetiniQ with retinol is a powerful rejuvenator for aged skin with enlarged pores. Reduces redness and blotchy appearance.
  • Forever Young Q10 Therapy improves cell energy to ensure effective use of other ingredients applied.


  1. Pimples and blackheads:
  1. Essence Refining Scrub every second day very lightly over the cleanser, to remove blackheads and dead cells which block the pores
  2. Essense Skin Detox: 2-3 times daily
  3. Essence Radiance Masque: twice per week when the scrub is not used
  4. Essense Miracle Tissue Oil: to prevent scarring and promote healing of pimples
  5. Forever Healthy OptiFlora, OptiVite and OptiMega
  1. Sun damage:
  1. Essense Sensi Crème
  2. Forever Young Revitalising Cream: to accelerate the recovery of the level of moisture and nourishment in damaged cells
  3. Forever Young Anti-Ageing Serum with stem cell technology
  4. Essense Skin Detox
  5. Sun block every 15 minutes – generous applications (Essense Derma Protect)
  6. Essense Intense Repair Serum: to replace the vitamin E in the cell walls. The Vitamin E is destroyed by the UV rays of the sun
  7. Essence Moisture masque: should be left on the skin to counteract sunburn
  8. Essense Miracle Tissue Oil
  9. Essence Liquid Skin Nutrition.
  1. Dehydrated skin:
  1. 6-8 glasses of water in as short a time as possible
  2. Essense Skin Detox
  3. Forever Young Revitalising Cream
  4. Lucid Ultimate Moisturiser for Dry Skin: applied 10 – 15 times per day
  5. Essense Derma Protect: apply every day
  6. Essense Intense Repair Serum plus Moisture Serum
  7. Essence Moisture masque every day over your moisturiser
  8. OptiFlora, OptiMega, OptiDerm and OptiVite
  9. Créme de Nuit/Lucid Optimal Night Renewal and Moisture Serum
  1. Blemishes, pigmentation and marks:
  1. Sun screen on hands and face – every day
  2. Essense Skin Detox
  3. Forever Young Revitalising Cream
  4. Forever Healthy OptiFlora, OptiMega and OptiVite
  5. Essense Brigtening Treatment
  6. Essense Miracle Tissue Oil
  7. Essense Antioxidant Radiance Masque
  8. Essense Intense Repair Serum
  1. Dry and damaged hair:
  1. Resque Hair Nutrition+
  2. OptiFlora, OptiMega and OptiDerm, Essense Miracle Tissue Oil/ Essence Moisture Masque /Liquid Skin Nutrition

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