Zerotox dosis with Chemotherapy

2 days before Chemotherapy

* drink 2 Zerotox per day (to get rid of poison in body / clean liver)

*Don’t* drink on the day of Chemotherapy

Day *after* Chemo, drink 1 Zerotox every 2 hours for ONE day

Thereafter 2 per day

If patient is not feeling very well, drink 3 per day (not all at once)

*Chemo every day*

1 Zerotox 12 hours *after* Chemo every day

*Skin peeling off – side effect of some Chemos

• Same as 1-2 above

• For a few days *after* Chemo, drink 1 Zerotox 3 x a day

*Nausea side effect of Chemo*

• Same recipe as 1-5 above

_The above is how Dalene Richter (Annique Leader) used Zerotox during her Chemotherapy sessions except for the skin peeling, which she did not experience due to the kind of chemo she received._

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