Rooibos Lifestyle Shakes

Annique’s Lifestyle Rooibos Lifestyle Shakes are a meal replacement and a delicious supplement drink with essential vitamins and minerals to boost energy, curb cravings and ensure safe and healthy way to lose weight.

The Annique Lifestyle Philosophy:
In today’s modern society we all lead busy and stressful lives. As we rush around trying to fit everything into our day, we often skip meals, forget to eat and end up making poor choices, eating processed foods that are high in sugar and contain ‘bad’ cholesterol.

As a result, problems such as obesity, diabetes type II, weight fluctuation, food cravings, high cholesterol, heart disease and fatigue increase.

Encouraging lifelong eating choices which focus on nutrient rich, healthy foods.

Reprogramming the body to digest stored fat, converting it into energy. Supplementing the body with specific micronutrient and herb formulations to support weight-loss.

These include the Annique Forever  Healthy vitamin and mineral supplementation, Lifestyle Shakes and Herbal Teas.

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